Milwaukee Record - January 23, 2017
"...Faux Fiction takes the stage. “It’s time to get back to f*cking rock and roll,” says singer Gabriella Kartz, and they do. They play a new song called “Skin” that instantly becomes our new favorite Faux Fiction song ever."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - July 20, 2016
"...And eventually they did form a band together: Faux Fiction, a heart-pumping power-pop group with alternative-rock edges. Led by Gabby Kartz's soaring yet gripping vocals, the group is likely to become a popular draw at local fests and clubs, which a new debut full-length album, "Staring at the Sun," further validates..."

Urban Milwaukee - July 8, 2016
"You know how the classics never go out of style? I grew up on the west coast, lived in Seattle for a while, played in a punk band (if you can call what I did playing), hung around the grunge scene, wore a lot of flannel and listened to every kind of music I could get my hands on. The gut-felt sound of Faux Fiction has the ability to take me back to those days while listening to a band that could not be more “now”.

Based in Milwaukee, the band is fronted by a woman whose voice could be described as authentic. Gabriella Kartz‘s vocals are deep, edgy, both real and surreal. The songs speak to things that are universal — love and loneliness, angst, melancholy, beginnings and endings. And the tight arrangements suggest a band that, though only together for two years, is already polished and professional.

I’m hearing elements of the evolutionary developments that have shaped pop music for the last couple of decades, but it’s not just more of the same. These are young people who have something to say that is timely, while drawing heavily on the basic rock sounds that most of the sub-genres of the last 20 years have been based on, and have found a way to make those sounds their own."

Milwaukee Record - July 1, 2016
"Bow before Faux Fiction’s guitars, some of the fuzziest, crunchiest, and catchiest this side of 1996. The fact that frontwoman Gabby Kartz and husband Jason decided to bury their acoustic roots and go electric only a few years ago makes that sound even more impressive. Yes, the ’90s are alive on Faux Fiction’s debut full-length Staring At The Sun, a record that plays like a long-lost comp from the Alternative Nation and 120 Minutes era. Songs like “Between Heartbeats” and “Flows To Nowhwere” are grungy and harmony-flecked triumphs that would have brought Matt Pinfield to tears. “Dig It Deeper” and the lovely “Wasted Time” are flannel-clad ballads just looking to score crucial scenes in flannel-clad movies, and “Racing The Red Lights” and “Ghosts” add a bit of glam-rock strut to the proceedings. On a local level, Faux Fiction has plenty of Tigernite and Body Futures coursing through its veins, but its fun, effortless, and affectionate vibe is all its own."

Ertrok Radio Hour - June 17, 2016
"Staring at the Sun is Faux Fiction’s bombastic debut album.  It is bursting with color, wonderful dynamic and features a group of talented individuals who fit perfectly together as a band.  You can tell lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Gabriella Kartz, once rooted herself as a singer-songwriter through her creative ability to craft lyrics and her commandingly powerful sense of melody.

Lead guitarist, Jason Kartz, brings a fantastic knowledge of tone and sound development to the band and I have a high admiration for his use of melody when writing leads.  Jason has little guitar flourishes throughout all of the songs that really help add some nice stereo asides to the pummeling rhythm he and Gabriella otherwise collaborate on.

Staring at the Sun is another huge accomplishment for Faux Fiction’s rhythm section made up of Peter Hair (bass) and Paul Tyree (Drums).  Peter has strengthened his bass on this debut by weaving in some nicely executed parts as well as rhythmically complimenting Paul Tyree’s epic command on drums.  There are very few drummers in Milwaukee setting such a tight foundation."

Breaking and Entering - June 17, 2016
"One of the names that has already been making a big splash in Milwaukee this year is Faux Fiction, and that’s only about to increase with the release of their first full-length album, “Staring At The Sun”.  Recorded at Howl Street Recordings, the album is full of the energy and fun that Faux Fiction bring to their live show...Similarities range from indie groups like The Breeders to punk mainstays like The Distillers from track to track. All of it, however, is great quality, and an awesome album from front to back."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - June 9, 2016
"Gabby Kartz's voice is nothing short of glorious, particularly when she triumphantly wails about embracing a fulfilling life on album closer "Good Things."  Her presence alone makes Faux Fiction, delivering its full-length debut with "Sun," one local band to watch closely. Add the cinematic shoegaze drive led by guitarist Jason Kartz, and you have one of the best local albums so far this year."

Pop Occulture - June 2, 2016
"Faux Fiction is a band from Milwaukee with a crunchy, melodic sound that will keep you humming along for days.  Now I've already had a sneak peek at their upcoming album, and I have to say that it's one of catchiest and tightly wound albums I've heard in years."

Wisconsin Gazette - June 2, 2016
"The '90s-influenced quartet sticks to their DIY roots on their first studio album, Staring at the Sun, being released June 17." (Click here for full interview.)

Breaking and Entering - April 12, 2016
"Faux Fiction is a name to remember, with an indie/alternative sound that draws you in from the first notes.  With a multitude of influences, the band provides a blend of powerpop that will leave you wanting more."

Interview with Muse MKE - April 1, 2016
"The members of Faux Fiction have taken a very humble approach to their music career, and radiate gratitude to the opportunities they are bestowed upon (which is a rare thing to see in music). The Alternative/Post-punk band pushes and grabs for your attention with their raw first work, "Faux Fiction EP" which you can listen to below. The second track on the EP, "Between Heartbeats" projects a heartsick protagonist, warning of the woes of love and begging for understanding." (Click here for the full interview.)

Omega Vinyl - July 20, 2015
"...They describe themselves as “90’s alternative inspired,” and I would have to agree. They offer a wide array of music that caters mainly to Indie Alternative listeners. Gabby’s lyrics and song titles are lined with pain and suffering; songs such as “Bleach & Razor Blades” or “Deadweight.”  When I listen to their single “Deadweight, ” I think of the Smashing Pumpkins. It’s not Gabby’s voice, but rather the way the music is crafted with themes of despair and wandering..."

Shepherd Express - January 9, 2015
"...pummeling alt-rock..."

Photo by Lex Allen

Photo by Lex Allen